With over two decades of experience in acting and many memorable roles in films like Yalgaar, Sangarsh andTV show Maryada: Lekin Kab Tak, Vishwajeet Pradhan's acting bug has rubbed off on his fashion designer wife, Sonalika Pradhan as well. When Vishwajeet auditioned for an Australian series called 'Dippi and her Daughter', he encouraged his
wife to also audition for a role too! With no experience in acting, Sonalika agreed to give it a shot.

And with the seasoned actor mentoring her, Sonalika won hearts and losing out on the part didn't matter.

Sonalika said, "He(Vishwajeet) was happy about the response from them despite that they finalized some local actress. After that I came to know Vishwajeet can polish any person as an actor and I can act too."

Sonalika has recently llaunched her Spring Summer Collection in Melbourne, at Miss Multiverse Australia, the world famous popular reality show and in a very short span of time Sonalika's exclusive  designs have carved a niche in the upper and luxury segment. An increasingly loyal customer base in Australia/New Zealand